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Greenwashing and Corruption: The Civil Society Fights Back

A conversation with Ursula Bittner

14 May 2024

Greenwashing is everywhere. Companies will do all they can to show their products in the best light, even if it means lying to the consumer, or to put it mildly distorting the reality. Consumers are defenseless in such situation. As Ursula Bittner mentions it, the shopper in the supermarket isle has no idea if the product purchased is really “natural” or produced while protecting the environment. An economic expert at Greenpeace CEE and founder of Saubere Hände (Clean Hands) to fight corruption in Austria, Bittner knows a few things about this issue.

It was a great pleasure to talk to her about greenwashing, lobbying and also corruption. Her experience is invaluable as she is at the frontline of this battle to counteract the behaviors of the large food companies and conglomerates. Checks and balances are at the heart of our democracies, and the role of Civil Society becomes even more important in a time where the means of the large companies have become so vast.

As always, it is fascinating to discover why she embarked on a life in Civil Society, which for her started at an early age.

Enjoy the conversation.

Food Broken Promises with Ursula Bittner, Greenpeace, Saubere Hände, Podcast host antoine Abou-Samra

Ursula Bittner

Economic expert at Greenpeace CEE and Founder Saubere Hände - Austria

Ursula Bittner is an economic expert at Greenpeace CEE working on democracy, compliance, civil society, Greenwashing and also on trade, supply chains, agriculture, and biodiversity. She holds a degree in International Development from the University of Vienna, an MBA degree specialised in general management of the California Lutheran University, US, and a degree from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. 10 years ago she worked for a soya-food company before she founded together with a colleague an association for a sustainable European protein supply. She worked there for 8 years as the General Secretary. During that period, she also managed the Austrian Soy Association, an association combining Austrian soy-food companies. In 2021, she founded the Initiative Saubere Hände - Stoppt Korruption to fight against corruption in Austria. 

Bittner advocates a liberal democracy, a strong civil society and for sustainable agriculture, and the protection of our planet.

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