The Wine Hour: A Live Talk Show

Michel Roux Jr and Emily Roux Dedicating Their Lives To Culinary Excellence

Join us for an exclusive live show with culinary legends, Michel Roux Jr and Emily Roux!

Michel Roux (Le Gavroche) is also the co-founder of Chez Roux and a judge on MasterChef: The Professionals, while Emily is a rising star in the culinary world, having trained at the prestigious Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon and opening with her husband Diego Ferrari the restaurant Caractère.

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Le Gavroche, London, UK

Michel Roux Jr is a famous chef who was raised in Kent, where his father worked as a private chef. After leaving school, he undertook several challenging apprenticeships in Paris and Lyon, including at Alain Chapel’s signature restaurant. After spending time in Hong Kong, he returned to London to work at La Tante Claire before taking over running Le Gavroche from his father in 1991. Michel has opened several other restaurants and oversees four Chez Roux restaurants in Scotland. He co-founded Chez Roux with his late father and is a judge and presenter on MasterChef: The Professionals. Michel has also presented other TV shows and published several cookbooks. He is Co-Chair of the Apprenticeship Ambassador Network and is committed to supporting and developing the hospitality industry.


Caractère, London, UK

Emily was born and raised in London into the most gastronomic of families. Her passion for food started at a young age and she has continued to follow in her father’s footsteps dedicating her life to culinary excellence. After graduating from catering college “l’Institut Paul Bocuse” in Lyon she pursued her career at the Louis XV in Monaco, followed by restaurant Akrame and 39V in Paris. Emily and husband, Diego, then moved to London attracted by the incredibly eclectic food scene in 2015. Combining forces they opened their own restaurant in 2018: Caractère.

The Wine Hour Trailer
The Wine Dream Team
Jaime Araujo The Wine Hour


Founder and CEO of Trois Noix, Napa Valley.
As a 2nd generation winemaker, Jaime initially spent 24 years in Europe before returning to Napa. Moving to Europe, she didn’t work in Wine directly. Only after a career as a London theatreland actress, and earning her MBA from INSEAD, did she return to the World of Wine. First, she taught the French how to sell their wines. Then upon returning to Napa, she continued carving her own path. She created Trois Noix a wine that she wants to use as a platform for change.

Akos Forczek The Wine Hour


Founder and Chairman of Top Selection Wines and 9elmswines, London.
Akos’s life reads like a John Le Carré novel. Hungarian born under the Soviet occupation, raised in Algeria in the ’70s, and trained as a special force he witnessed the Fall of the Berlin Wall from inside. Then he left for Western Europe and started working in Wine and Spirits. After earning his MBA from INSEAD, he moved to London where he founded Top Selection Wines. Since 2018, Top Selection has been the recipient of the UK Fine Wine Merchant of the Year award given byUK sommeliers. A first.

Tanisha Townsend The Wine Hour


Chief Wine Officer of Girl Meets Glass, Paris.
Born and raised in South Side Chicago, Tanisha was not predestined to the World of Wine. In fact, she started studying cyber forensic. Then serendipity struck twice. The first time was at a Wine Festival in Washington where she asked all the wrong questions possible (so she can relate if you are new to Wine) but was still fascinated by this beverage. The second time was to move to her dream city of Paris. Going to the “Old World” and fulfilling her Wine dream, she pursues her mission to teach and educate about wine.

The Wine Hour Ray Isle Food & Wine


Executive Wine Editor of Food & Wine Magazine.
Ray Isle is the Executive Wine Editor of Food & Wine and the Wine & Spirits Editor for Travel + Leisure. He writes Food & Wine’s monthly “Bottle Service” column, and contributes regular print and online features about wine, spirits, and wine-related travel to both brands. His articles about wine, beer, food and spirits have appeared in a wide range of national publications, he has been nominated three times for a James Beard Award, and has twice won the IACP Award for Narrative Beverage Writing. He speaks regularly on wine at live events and is a frequent guest on national media, having appeared on programs such as Today, CNBC’s On the Money & Squawk Box, NPR’s “All Things Considered,” and American Public Media’s “Splendid Table,” among others.

Antoine Abou-Samra The Wine Hour


Founder of A Table For Two / Creator The Wine Hour
After a long and diverse career as an entrepreneur, former athlete, radio host, and 3-time CEO, Antoine decided to go back to what he enjoyed most: Food & Wine and Media. He created A Table For Two a multi-format content creation house. Using the thread of Food & Wine, he not only helps the audience discover and understand other cultures but also engages them in related issues such as the Environment, Climate Change, Sustainability, or Diversity.

Show Description

The Talk-Show that removes your wine anxiety.


Running every 3 weeks, The Wine Hour is a show on the Wine World. Built around 3 segments, the show offers an entertaining yet insightful approach on wine-related topics and issues. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy it. Though it is broadcast on Zoom, the show is made to be listened to. So grab a glass of wine, sit back, relax and enjoy!


If you love or are interested in Wine but you are not necessarily an expert, then this show is for you! The main idea is that you can enjoy Wine whatever level of knowledge you have. So, if you are curious and want to discover more about Wine, tune in.



In our first segment, Uncorked, our team of Wine Experts, Jaime Araujo, Akos Forczek and Ray Isle (from time to time), deliver comments on current trends from the Wine industry, market and personalities.


In Licensed To Taste, our second segment, Tanisha Townsend will talk about Wine in a friendly, introducing wine regions, or grapes among other topics. She will also answer your wine questions (not necessarily related to the show’s topics).


In our last segment, Have A Drink With Me, your host, Antoine Abou-Samra, has a relaxed conversation with the show special guest(s).


The Wine Hour will run every three weeks on Thursday at the following time:
20:30 UK / 12:30 PST / 15:30 EST / 21:30 CET


The Live Podcast will be aired on Zoom. Registration is mandatory.

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