The editorial was written for the introduction of The Wine Hour #19 with Philana Bouvier.

Three weeks ago, we started the Wine Hour in the middle of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Today, we live in a different world. And all our thoughts go to the people of Ukraine.

People want to support Ukraine because they are appalled by the terrible human toll. But also because the fight is about self-determination, democracy, and independence.

If many are keen to defend these values, why haven’t things changed closer to home? What about equality? Fairness? Respect?

Then I thought of the many women and minority leaders. Realizing what they must have gone through to reach where they are. People cheer when you are at the top, but it’s a different song on the way up.

Real change is hard because it requires us to confront who we are.

This morning, by chance, I was reading this passage:

What the nation does is done also by each individual, and so long as the individual continues to do it, the nation will do likewise. Only a change in the attitude of the individual can initiate a change in the psychology of the nation.

Carl Jung wrote these words in December 1916.

But change is hard, empathy is hard, overcoming prejudice is hard.

Ukrainians are giving up their lives for freedom and justice.

Are people ready for the safer change to learn to live together? Because in the end, this is what makes us humans.

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