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From Specialty Coffee to Wine - Channa Galhenage's New Journey

A conversation with Channa Galhenage

23 April 2024

There is something striking about Channa Galhenage. In a good sense. He is the man behind Loustic Café, part of the first wave of specialty coffee shops in Paris. Though he was not predestined to work in hospitality, he found his place right into it. Warm, witty, and welcoming, he makes people feel comfortable from the moment you meet him. He says that he is in the “entertainment business”. So that makes him a natural-born entertainer.

The first time we spoke was during the pandemic. That was a difficult time for people in hospitality. The second time was last year, coming out of the pandemic, taking stock of where he was and the importance of his work—a cure to loneliness. Now, he is embarking on a new journey. He sold the café, keeping the name, and will open a wine bar.

So, it is befitting to welcome him as the first guest of the rebranded podcast (One on One is now called A Table For Two). I was wondering why he took such a decision, what motivated him. Since he has embarked on his journey in the hospitality industry, he has had an idea of the role he wants to play. In this new phase, his purpose is getting refined, and is more in tune with his aspirations.

In our conversation, he talks about the reasons behind the decision, the impact of his just-completed travel around the world, and much more. His journey fits very well the tagline of the podcast: when purpose becomes life.

Have a great listening.

Channa Galhenage - Loustic - A Table For Two Podcast - with Antoine Abou-Samra

Channa Galhenage

Founder Loustic Café

After having opened one of France’s first wave of specialty coffee shops in Paris and in Marseille, Channa Galhenage has sold his coffee businesses, kept the name Loustic, and is pivoting the brand into a specialty wine bar project in Paris that, hopefully should see the day (or night) in 2025. Following a sommelier course taken in 2021 with Willy Kiezer of ’Ni Bu Ni Connu’ (an excellent French reference for biodynamic wine), he is currently pestering clients in two Paris wine bars, learning the craft, and staving off the temptation to drink wine during service.

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