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Food, A Force Against Injustices And Inequalities

A conversation with Gemma Bell

16 April 2024

Some trips can change lives. It happened to Gemma Bell when she went to Palestine in 2016. It altered her views and helped her start initiatives to fight off inequalities and injustices. She co-founded Cook for Syria, Cook for Palestine, and Cook for Iran. Discovering the food of these different countries allows people to get a better connection to and understanding of these cultures and the plights of its people.

But, this process would not be possible without people like Gemma Bell and her co-founders, and all the people involved in these initiatives. Through their devotion and dedication, they help build the bridges between these different worlds. For people in Western countries, it’s hard to understand how life can be under occupation, authoritarian regimes, or the threat of war. So, to get at least a glimpse of what life can be there is the start of the awareness process. Because, as Gemma Bell mentioned in our conversation, the people in Palestine, Iran, Syria or Beyond, will know that they have not been forgotten.

And sometimes, injustices and inequalities do not happen thousands of kilometers away. Sometimes, it’s in our own cities, just around the corner. The homeless, the disenfranchised, the people living in poverty may be invisible to our eyes, but they are there. During Covid, there were food banks that came to their help. These food banks still exist. The problems have not gone away even if they are not headline news anymore.

When we become indifferent, we start to lose our humanity. Having passioned and devoted people like Gemma Bell and the people involved in the different initiatives is so important to remind us that we can make a difference.

Gemma Bell, founder of Gemma Bell & Company, is the special guest on the new episode of the Food Broken Promises podcast with Host Antoine Abou-Samra. A Table For Two production.

Gemma Bell

Founder - Gemma Bell and Company | Trustee - Rare Charity, Amos Trust

Gemma Bell set up her agency Gemma Bell and Company in 2011 after a decade working front of house and back of house in restaurants and hotels - from Marco Pierre White’s notable Mayfair restaurant Mirabelle to Ian Schrager’s St Martins Lane and Sanderson hotels.

The London agency now offers a range of services including PR, Marketing and Creative, Partnerships and Projects, while clients include St. JOHN, Fortnum & Mason, Dishoom, Padella, The Peninsula London and Angela Hartnett, to name just a few.

Gemma is co-founder of #CookForSyria, #CookForIran and #CookForPalestine, is contributor to, was included in the Evening Standard’s Progress 1000 most influential Londoners of 2019 and has been included in Code Hospitality’s 100 Most Influential Women for the last four years. Gemma is on the board of trustees for two charities, Amos Trust and Rare Charity.

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Food Broken Promises Podcast with Antoine Abou-Samra. A Table For Two production.

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