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Consciously Planted: How Jennifer Estevez is Making a Difference in the Food Industry

A conversation with Jennifer Estevez

2 May 2023

Welcome to episode 51 of the One on One podcast, where host Antoine Abou-Samra sits down with special guest Jennifer Estevez, a sustainability advocate and expert in the food and beverage industry. In this eye-opening episode, Jennifer shares her insights on the urgent need for sustainable food practices and the impact of our daily food choices on the planet. She also talks about her personal journey towards becoming a solution to the problems she saw in the industry, and the importance of self-care in making a global impact. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to make a positive change. Tune in now!

Jennifer Estevez

CEO Consciously Planted and OMvino

Jennifer Estevez is a CEO, entrepreneur and business advisor with years of experience working in marketing, communications, food, beverage, hospitality and startups. She originally started her professional career as a sommelier, receiving her CMS Advanced Certification and sitting for her Master Sommelier Diploma. She transitioned to the world of marketing and communications by starting her own firm, OMvino, after seeing an opportunity to provide insider trade knowledge and experience to a variety of food and beverage businesses.

Jennifer delved into the startup world at the same time as she started OMvino and co-founded an online wine club app called Palate Club. Growing the two companies simultaneously gave Jennifer an opportunity to expand her skills in starting businesses, and she began to use this knowledge to advise on other emerging brands and startups. Recently, she decided to dovetail her veganism and wellness practices to her professional life and founded Consciously Planted Advisory where she focuses solely on plant-based and sustainable startup consultancy.

In her spare time she teaches yoga, meditation, breath work, while also leading wellness retreats. She is also an advocate for plant-medicine and studies martial arts.

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