The editorial was written for the introduction of The Wine Hour Special #26 with Stevie Kim.

Let’s Dance

I am writing this in front of the sea, on a sunny day. A way to find some shelter from this crazy world. It’s a way to dance away the worries, even for a moment. Summer with its share of laughters and joy has gone. And as we are heading slowly into the winter with all its unknowns, let us enjoy the autumn, let us forget about the sorrows of this world. Let us find those moments and places were we can smile and enjoy what life has to offer.

Because the news are bleak from every side we look at. From the wars to the natural disasters becoming more devastating due to un-natural human actions, women fighting across the world for their rights and freedom, and to the coming cold winter with energy restrictions and less heating.

But now, it all seems far away, because we are together, we are here to enjoy the joys of what life has to offer, great wine, great food, wonderful conversations, and that sense of belonging to a community that understands us. It’s good to be back, to see you all.

So let us make a moment of happiness and enjoyment, let us dance!

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