The editorial was written for the introduction of The Wine Hour #23 with Michael Ellis.

Follow your passion! Probably one of the worst piece of advice ever.

Being passionate about something does not mean, you can make a living out of it. And the very few success stories are not representative.

Being able to unite passion with a livelihood is extremely difficult. It means you are able to go on during the long weeks and months when you cannot sustain a proper living.

What makes Michelin starred Chefs, so special is that they were able to transcend their passion and create a sustainable work. At the highest level.

The best chefs, the best athletes, the best musicians and creatives, they all have something in common. A drive and an ability to transform that passion.

I am not telling you not to pursue your passion but to be more discerning between wishful thinking and reality. There is nothing wrong with hobbies.

Like in everything else, many are called, very few are chosen. But that is ok. This is what makes this kind of success out of the ordinary.

In a world where speed is so important, where everything is expected to happen on the spot, being at the top of one’s game is not an overnight success. It takes years of practice, difficulties, and hardships. But the reason Chefs keep on, is that yearning, that drive.

Being a chef is not what you see on programs like Top Chef, Master Chef or else. It’s harsh, gruelling, and physically and psychologically demanding. Part creative spark aligned with endurance and talent.

Embarking on a passion journey takes a deep assessment of what you want, and more importantly what you can. Don’t be fooled by the neon lights, they are seldom real.

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