The editorial was written for the introduction of The Wine Hour #16 with Georgia Panagopoulou.

2021 is gone. Long live 2022. A year full of hope, promises and success. The year where everything will be better.

I will finally become smart, successful, lose weight, go to the gym, meditate, read 52 books in 52 weeks, understand the true meaning of life. Really. That’s what it says in the ad.

Aaah… 2022 the year of all possibilities. But…

As usual, there is a but. A few weeks into 2022, it really feels like 2021. Only a different digit. The highs of the holiday season, you know the period that includes Christmas, have disappeared, and dry January only helps us wake up to that reality. Mind you, I am not suggesting drinking to forget. Always do things in moderation. Including drinks. But trends are popping up everywhere. Just to make you feel you are part of it. Veganuary is a new thing, it seems. Less meat will do good to the planet and your intestine, but only in January. Don’t make it a habit. In February, back to normal. What about an Appanuary or even a Sexanuary? Any takers?

The reason why change and resolutions are hard, it’s because it takes time and effort. And January 1 is not a strong reason for that. It’s like wine, it takes time, care and effort to make it happen.
But hey, there are always the resolutions for 2023. You can start preparing yourself from now on. Santé!

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