The editorial was written for the introduction of The Wine Hour #15 with David Duband.

As we are coming to the end of 2021, all I can think of is how to make the best of the holiday season. And if there is one action that will be beneficial. It’s this one: disconnect from the virtual world.

Get back into the real world. The reason why wine is such a wonderful beverage it’s because it’s the perfect social drink. The excuse to gather around a table with friends and talk. It’s being present in that moment, not interrupted by a message, or a call. And if it’s not wine, let something else be the excuse.

Life is not about being connected 24/7, living mostly in a virtual world. The virtual world may be practical but it removes many senses that we thrive on. We are still humans and not machines. Being in a space with others will always feel different. Real.

So, reconnect with your friends, loved ones, family, and if there is no one, reconnect with yourself, go out in nature, enjoy a glass of wine, a book, music. We get the biggest pleasure from the simplest things. Try it, it’s not that hard.

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