The editorial was written for the introduction of The Wine Hour #14 with George Sandeman.

Preparing for the show I couldn’t stop thinking about “programmed obsolescence”. Here is Port, a wine that gets better even after decades, while nowadays things are designed to break down so that we buy another one.

Port is an obvious contradiction to “programmed obsolescence”. You can enjoy it today or in 20 years. It’s your choice; not one that is imposed on you.
The corollary to “Programmed Obsolescence” is Consumerism. One of the reasons for climate change. And that thought led me to the Cop26 where, as we speak, the future of the planet is discussed. Unfortunately, we know the outcome. But Who cares!

If the earth becomes unlivable they will sell us tickets to Mars or the Moon! Or even better, you will stay eternally at home because the Metaverse will immerse you with the rest of the world and it will feel real. But wait a second…

Why should I have a virtual life, when I can have a real-life? Why do you destroy things and then come up with a miracle solution to replace the broken one and it’s 14.99 for a limited time only? Why?

But in all this gloom there is hope. As long as there are people who are attached to the land, who protect nature and are passionate about delivering honest products, there is hope.

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