On The Food Journey, we are taking you to Albania. It’s a been a revelation!


Nestled in central Europe, surrounded by Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro, Albania is also open to the Adriatic and Ionian Sea. From the Albanian Alps that makes you feel you are in Switzerland to the beaches of the Adriatic giving you a feel of the Italian riviera, Albania’s land is very diverse.

And if you say diverse in this part of the world, it means an abundance of produces. Fruits, vegetables, meat, mostly lamb, fish and seafood. This place has it all. And that can only mean one thing. Its cuisine draws from these fresh and abundant produces.

Albanian story and cuisine have also been shaped by the occupiers of the land, notably the ottoman empire which ruled it for more than 400 years.

Today, it’s a country getting modernized at great speed and is an official candidate for membership of the European Union.

To get an insight on Albania, Chef Ravajol-Jorgo Hasani will be our guide. He is a star in his home country and the region. Traveling relentlessly across the Mediterranean to promote Albanian cuisine, to which he brings a special touch.

The episode is in English and Albanian with English subtitles.

We are taking you on a trip to discover culinary cultures across the world. Usually, we will showcase a typical dish that is representative of the region or country we are visiting.

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