A Table For Two had the pleasure to welcome Channa Galhenage, Founder of Loustic Café, Paris, France.


In Episode 2 , we welcome Channa Galhenage founder/owner of Café Loustic in Paris, France.

Links to Café Loustic:
Web: https://www.cafeloustic.com/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/cafeloustic/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cafeloustic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LousticCafe

If you have ever been curious about Specialty Coffee, look no further.
We discussed in length the topic. But we also many other facets of Café Loustic, namely how it got started, Channa Galhenage’s discovery of coffee as a business, the difficulty of launching a business, the impact of the Covid-19 crisis and many more things.

Watch it all or jump to the subject of interest. And don’t forget to sip your (specialty coffee) while watching…

Recorded Live on May 2, 2020, in Paris, France
The interview is in English with English subtitles.
Photo credit: Jesse Morgan

One Special Guest – One Heart to Heart Conversation
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