A Table For Two had the pleasure to welcome Chef Franck Page and Winemaker Fabrice Guiberteau.


In Episode 1, our special guests are Chef Franck Page, the executive chef of Phoenicia Intercontinental in Beirut and Fabrice Guiberteau, winemaker and technical director of Château Kefraya in Lebanon.

In Part 1, we get to know both our guests and discover how they met and their work philosophy. It’s a passionate plea for nature, things well done and the value of work.

In Part 2, they talk about what attracted them in the work of the other, the importance of the sommelier, what makes a good sommelier and also the added value of their direct relationship.

In Part 3, we talk about wine pairing, an example of a dish and culinary habits in ancient times.

One Special Guest – One Heart to Heart Conversation
It’s an interview with no preset format. We can talk about anything related to gastronomy, the culinary world. It’s all about the story of the guest, her origin, her patch to creativity, her struggles and many more. The only thing that remains the same from one interview to the next is the Pivot Questionnaire at the end. You’ve been forewarned…

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